Brastemp: Killer whale

The biggest oven ever

Advertising Agency: DM9DDB, Brazil, Sao Paulo
Art director: Rodrigo Bombana
Copywriter: Antonio Nogueira
Illustration: Techno Image


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Juan Cabral
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Everybody, but Greenpeace will love this one.

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And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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Jaap Grolleman
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His mouth looks like a...

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i don't like it. and i'm not from greenpeace! putting an animal alive in an oven is not funny!

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who says it's alive??

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i thought it because of the sweating.

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It's kind of funny to everyone else... arent you from greenpeace really?

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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Not everybody. Terrible bad taste.

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really bad attempt

this picture will shock in the bad way, stupid

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It's a shame yeah!
i'm insulted!

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It took me around 6 secs of guessing untill i realized this is a whale..

DDB you Wow me again with the B*## $&!% you have to show.

Viva La Y&R

outsmart me, if you can

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DM9 e seus fantasmas. Aposto que quando a Brastemp descobrir, a casa vai cair para alguém lá dentro.

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hahahahaha verdade

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excellent, everybody knows that nobody will cook a whale, its a smart and funny way to say the biggest oven, i think also this is the language of the new generation, strong and funny even its not new

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really nice and impressive piece... good work

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opposite of u
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me gusta, no sé por qué se arman tanto rollo por lo de los animales, nadie va a matarlos, es sólo creatividad, locos. Cómo no protegen a los patos que se mueren todos los días así y los pobres cerditos jajaj

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i'm jealous...

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J Designer
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Im not from greenpeace, but I dont like this. the art is amazing, but the idea for me isnt too good.

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Yes idea is good (not great but good) but it isn't the good choice of animals.

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when ad is claiming biggest, then not wrong choice


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Art Director fo...
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cant agree more than that!

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hated it. ok. we got it. the oven is BIG. but since it's shocking to kill a whale, it's negative for the brand.

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I'll try to forget that one...

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Man, this is horrible. Bad taste, bad idea.

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