Brastemp: Drink

The only upside down fridge 'n freezer.

Advertising Agency: DDB Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Renata Flório, Rodrigo Almeida, Rodolfo Sampaio, Julio Andery, Sergio Valente
Art Director: Rodrigo Tórtima
Copywriter: Adriano Matos
Photographer: Rafael Costa, Eliza Flores (Vetor Zero)
Account Supervisor: Cristiane Pereira

June 2009


Prof's picture
1449 pencils

i dont get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite really.

Guest's picture

So this fridge is so bloody inconvenient for people....
we don't want to buy such stupid product. which is not making my life simple.

wildbore's picture
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y......upside down? wts d benifit?

Wordnerd's picture
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the stuff is so low you can only reach it with your feet. that's what i call a VERY special interest ad

john ler's picture
john ler
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Targeting one-armed alcoholics ?

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

and people that constantly get thirsty while jerking off

john ler's picture
john ler
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Guys, we're all wrong !
Actually it's a fridge for jail-houses. Now prisonners can get drunk even being handcuffed.
A great innovation for prisonners rights !

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The benefit is that you don't need to bend to get most of things in the fridge.
But I agree the ad doesn't express that as it should

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The only upside down fridge and freezer? I don't think that's new, my gf has had one of those for years.

Blashyrkh's picture
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Well, that's the product problem I think, not the ad. Ad is straight to the point.

Wordnerd's picture
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straight to a point leading nowhere

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maybe that means that we only use our heads [or teeth] to reach the freezer in all others fridges.

Cinemated's picture
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WoW. What a waste of energy and resources.

shahidali's picture
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why on earth do i need an upside down freezer?

the product benefit is that you don't have to bend down while getting stuffs from the freezer. however, the ad doesn't communicate one thing of that. what a waste of time and resources! is it a problem of brief from the client's end? else, what could have gone wrong? so ameturish, shouldn't have come from an agency like DDB. I'm serious.


alvinpck's picture
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Are they serious? The "only"?

Freezer at the bottom is not a new innovation in refrigerators.

qd's picture
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maybe the problem here started with the product itself. or perhaps the brief. i see no benefit at all. i quite like my freezer just where it is. not inconvenient in the least.

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