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Would it be nicer if it's a mix of a real fish and a real fruit? I mean, the visual is cute but cute is not the right tone & manner, right? I felt that the smell in the concept line can be further strengthen using real edible elements instead of the plasticky elements.

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that would probably look better, more eye grabbing and weird too.

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That would look a bit disgusting and unappetizing. This beeing an ad for a fridge, they can't show food that doesn't look good. But using this "wallace and gromit" style they manage to get the idea trough, just by using humour. I like this actually, I think it's fun.

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CRE8IVE: Give the reality campaign a break! It will loose it's humourous edge which making the very dull issue or product unintresting...beleieve me,for a campiagn like this... reality sucks!


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Having real image won't make it disgusting I think...it depends on the execution. Look at those award winning PS2 by TBWA Paris, those a real but so well executed and look nothing as disgusting.

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agree on that

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Every ad is not Ps2..When will you cliche loving, copyats ever learn?

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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At first glance, I tought it was a potato

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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very congenial campaign.

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absolutely great!!! been a long time since i saw a nice refridgerator ad. very well executed too

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ha ha ha I love the hateful, pissed look in their eyes!

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I hate it. The cuteness get's in the way. I'm taking you guys off this project. Give this one to Peggy.

Don Draper

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