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Absolutely brilliant art direction.
Viva la ADs

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one word.. wow...

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Excelente. ¡Congratulations!

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Really nice art direction.

Marcelo Andrade - Art director (Brazil)

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This is awesome! Congratulations BBDO, one of the best art directions I've seen in a while.
A completely different point of view, the airplane "drawing" Ms. Astor's face, etc, etc... This ad made my day.

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and by the way, you gotta have courage to put a copy this long in an ad (thanks, art directors, for respecting it).
You know, there's no short or long copies, there are good ones and bad ones.
This one is definitely good.

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nicely photoshop job, thats about it though

... its already been done...

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The best thing about this campaing is that it's been running under the same format for over 8 years and have been voted one of the 10 best print campaigns by Campaign Magazine.
(see some more here in aotw)

All of them tell great and inspiring stories about some great fortunes and how they managed it.
It's amazing how they always relate to some of the services BPP offers their clients. It is trully a remarkable campaign in such a visual-driven industry.

It's a shame only portuguese speaking ad geeks can enjoy this long but rewarding copy, it really tells great stories and, I presume, get a lot of clients to BPP or they would have changed the format years ago.

(And no, I do not work for BBDO or BPP, I just happen to love this work.)

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Looks great.

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