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Lost in translation. Está bién, existe Alka-Seltzer se traduce "It's OK, there's Alka Seltzer". That's how I think you should translate this. The concept seems familiar, I dunno if I've seen it, but, the retouch is very nice.


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bad photoshopping may cause head aches.

but it's okay, there's alka seltzer.

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Excelente retoque. Repito mi comentario. Hoy día con tanto profesional MEDIOCRE ver estas piezas da esperanza.

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white widow
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Qué tiene de excelente por Dios.
Y hablas de mediocridad?
Think is a very bad photoshop work
but the idea works

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Si le faltó un poco al retoque, pero para la región es arriesgado y un trabajo sobresaliente. Para la región.****

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Good idea, bad photoshop.

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Si, que tiene de excelente?
Muy mal retoque, echó a perder la idea.
Baaaaaaaaaad photoshopping

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the line is not good... if change the translate like 'fersvax' said will work better...
about the art work: excellent.
but i still dont like too much forced photoshop solutions...
the concept "our pill defend your stomac against food-fighters" is interesting, but i think is not new...

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A too much used concept. That it has won already in cannes

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