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brilliant seems as though the execution of idea has been fine tuned from one ad to the next!

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Shut Theory
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no substitute to what? getting beat up?

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There is a fundamental flaw here, the guy wearing the oven gloves, although he would look stupid, his punches would cause far more damage, and the oher guy is more likely to be the one knocked out.

Therefore its wrong and it doesn't work.



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Shut Theory
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let alone, i didnt even spot the gloves from first sight! but i tell u what, now that i have seen them it is supposed to be like this: BECAUSE he got himself a substitute to the real thing, he got beat up and lost...

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Not sure if I'm missing your point here (am very tired)

But the substitute would be superior to the real thing in this instance (the oven gloves (substitute) allowing you to cause more damage than the real thing (boxing gloves))

So he would not get beat up and would win.

That is why I say it doesn't work.


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You're wrong BUGGERS. Boxing gloves in no way protect the faces they hit. They're meant to protect the hands of the one throwing the punches. Oven mitts wouldn't cause more damage, they would just break bones in the wearers hands.

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i think if you would done boxing and also had a barehand fight, you would understand what buggers is saying.
the boxing gloves provide a wider area and a softer material, thats why you provoque less "destructive"damage.
youll still gona get 70 or 80 kg in your face, but is not the same no matter what hits you.

ovenmitts WOULD cause more damage.

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yes, thats what I was getting at but you said it better.


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I totally agree! In this case, the substitute would work better, 'cause it would be the other guy who gets knocked down. Sure, you may break your knuckles, but you would break your oponents jaw as well!

I think its not a clear message.

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Agreed, it's a fatal logic here, the oven gloves is thinner than the boxing gloves, it should cause more damage

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Disco Munky
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Oven gloves would be alot more painfull

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Doin' it for the points

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solo me di cuenta de los guantes de cocina cuando lei los comentarios...
se podria hacer una mejor ejecucion aunque el concepto me parece algo flojo...

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Too heavy handed. Take that how you will.

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