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Why the font? Ugh... if you are trying to educate the public, shouldn't your communication be in a readable font? I'm sorry, but it was a real laborious read on my computer screen. Perhaps it does read better in print. But when talking to the masses aren't you trying to reach everyone... If I've got this right, Jesus himself spread his word through parables. Is there a lesson there? If you take the number of people both young and old with eye trouble, now there's a section you've not reached. That's besides people who don't read advertising, one's who do but shun long copy... Am I making sense or am I rambling? http://kettleandmug.blogspot.com

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i dunno man..but you sure have some long comment goin on here...

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this is the best one...so dark! yet so convincing..love the style of writing. yup, the font is the only let down, but the art and copy are quite amazing! hats off guys, gr8 work.

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... and another typo and grammar mistake.

I'm not so against long copy which is hard to read. On the contrary it makes me more curious. So I guess for people like me it would get them to read. But instinctive'S right; some people won't be raeched. I guess though they'd have other ads to reach them.

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It's dark. It's interesting. I like it.

But I wonder... what are the ethical considerations behind suggesting that anyone and everyone you meet on public transport could be a terrorist? It leaves me feeling uneasy, as the best speculative word should do I guess.

I'm just not sure it could run in this country.

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