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Hey the sand is black in Reunion Island.
u dont really have beaches like that.
this exists in Mauritius Island only
white sand, beautiful lagoons, THE DODO and the PHOENIX BEER
ure so fake

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wooooawww nice ad!! really great mauritian ad!!
eerrrr wait a sec, thats not a beer of mauritius. damn it, seeing the clear sand beach and the dodos i thought it was from mauritius.. anyway, keep trying pal, u might come up with an original idea one day.

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You have black & white sand in Reunion (i was there on holidays at Boucan Cannot beach surfing) ....i feel you guys not very fairplay with this Ad or with Reunion Island....you are not british man you must be French, or Italien ? .....just go and have a Dodo beer & relax. Don't panic lad's!!!!!!

Simple ideas are the best !

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BEURK !!!!

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