Bounty: Coffee & Juice


Advertising Agency: Lapiz, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Laurence Klinger
Executive Creative Director: Laurence Klinger
Creative Directors: Maria Bernal, Pablo Ferrari
Copywriter: Carlos Bretel
Art Director: Jorge Pomareda
Photographer: Glen Gyssler
Account Supervisor: Amanda Saenz
Producer: Alethya Luiselli
Production Artist: Harry Archer
Account Director: Elizabeth Papasakelariou


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why didn't it pick up the coffee ring the first time?

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Jaap Grolleman
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I was thinking that too. The visual might seem cleverly found but to me it makes no sense.

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And that is why the ad sucks.

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not clear enough, the start of the thinking was good, but they mess it up in the middle

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Ramat Ajala
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Dont get

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This is actually a good thought but is not coming through...then reusable is not exactly the benefit here. It must be the absorbency, that allows you to clean more, twice or whatever. Reusable is not a benefit is just one of the uses you can give to that. Anyway, it could have been very good.

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Roger Keynes
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That clunks, Klinger.

So technically, the idea's reusable. ;)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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flat ad

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Is the reader really gonna stay long enough to make sense of this ad? I doubt it. This would be more effective if the coffee/juice stain was removed completely and all you see is a white table top. Bad.

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Heu... It's very nice but... what does it mean ?

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