Bounty: Bed

Advertising School: Seneca College, Toronto, Canada
Art Director: Gabriella Rackoff
Copywriter: Neil Blewett


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The one spilled milk fears most. But why is the milk feared.
Or may be I don't get it.

Ganesh. S

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Fearing the product.

Cute photoshop!

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i don't see photoshop work here. this idea is ok, but not working smoothly. i didn't know milk/wine/juice likes so much being spilled.. worked way better for stains on similar detergent capaigns for me

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yep, agree. i rather like the thinking though. but how about showing the milk trying to avoid spilling: eg "cliffhanging" at the class or something like that...

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I like the visual side of this ad .
Milk looks soo cute :D

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