June 2008
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Advertising Agency: A&G, Massachusetts, U.S.A
Agency website:

Art Director: Maureen Metzler
Photographer: Craig Orsini

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What exactly can the positive intent be in making the library look like a disorganized place full of arrogant know-it-alls?

The disordered pile of books isn't a visual queue for knowledge. The angling of the spines away from view is a visual queue for deliberate concealment of knowledge. If you want to depict an open, friendly "knowledge" atmosphere, it would have made more sense to face the books spine out so the titles could be read. You can create an "informal" atmosphere by leaving some space between groups of books so some can be at an angle. It takes away from the formality a bit without making the place look like a jumbled mess. This is a visual trick used in a lot of movies. Libraries that are meant to look somewhat sinister or institutional have tightly packed rows of books, while "friendlier" studies have spaces on some of the shelves where books sit at an angle, if at all. As it is, the ad makes the library look like a place where you go spelunking in the hope of possibly finding something vaguely related to the topic at hand.

The ad above makes the library look inefficient.

It really is an insulting and incompetency designed ad campaign. I want to know who the buffoon is who wrote the ad copy.