Boston Bruins: Allies

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Wenham, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Directors: Jamie Ferreira, Matt Fischvogt
Senior Copywriter: Greg Almeida
Senior Art Director: Jesse Blatz
Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
Producer: Zeke Bowman
Photographer: Bethany Acheson
Account Service: Stephen Larkin, Jonathan Greeley

April 2009


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nice expression bear......

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I'm a Bruins fan, and thought they had balls this year. Evidently not.

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what happened to mullen? this stuff is embarassing!

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Really? I'm a lifelong hockey fan (of a team to be named at a later date) and I think these are hilarious. At least the writing is great. The art direction could use some work, but it is certainly different.

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