Bose: Mimes, Crying babies

Bose Quiet Comfort. Acoustic noise cancelling headphones.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Victor Ng
Art Director: Shawnn Lai
Copywriter: Victor Ng
Photographer: Szeling (Shooting Gallery)
Illustrator: Lau (Wishing Well)

July 2009


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Goog idea to use mimes.

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i dont get the idea here, but i like the high contrast... can someone explain it please?

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noise cancellation dude...mime don't talk o make noise so every character here is a mime

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It's a metaphor. They're saying using these headphones "is like converting into a mime". Now that it think about it, it doesn't make sense, cause when you're a mime you can still hear the rest of the people but it's you the one that's silent.

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no I think they mean the viewer (us) can't hear the noise - an example of what it would be like wearing the headphones - notice the mimes aren't wearing them...

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can't believe so many flatminded people work in advertising. "they say wearing headphones makes you wear black and white stuff and you get babies" ... come on, get a job where your skills are needed... stack something.

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i think that means, when you wear this hearphones, everyone is like a mime.. so, you dont hear dem, just your music..

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nice print u guys (clap clap)

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done, so many times

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I didn't really like the other two, so when I clicked on this one, I figured I'd feel the same. However, this one is really cool to me. It's like instant silence in my mind, and usually when you think of babies crying you don't think silence.

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actually if you understand the technology behind noise cancelation, this ads is wrong. Noice cancelation did not cancel voice, its cancel ambient noise, exp airplane engnie noise, traffic noise, ect. BUt you can hear voice really clearly.

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done by la comunidad a long time ago for sony mp3 or something like that

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Cummon. You guys for real? Wear head phones and you hear nuttin'? That's a more apt a visual for sound proof windows or ear plugs. Not head phones. You'll hear music. NOT SILENCE.

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Done By La comu. 2000.

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Feels like the WERU sound proof window campaign by Germany.

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nice work!

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