Bosch: Ride

Born to ride. Bosch cordless lawnmower.

Advertising Agency: Manajans / JWT, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Gürkan Çanakçı
Creative Group Heads: Kaan Ertüz, Baran Güneş
Art Director: Özlem Özdemir
Copywriter: Cem Kara

July 2013


danielchapman's picture
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Kind of nice idea however I'm a little underwhelmed with the execution.

From an art direction standpoint, why show the mower in the upper left? That's traditionally where eyes start scanning... and you just eliminated your element of surprise or spark that makes it clever, entertaining or memorable. If I saw the primary image first, I'd see the chopper and then realize it's a mower afterwards, much stronger than seeing a mower and then saying hey look it kinda looks like a chopper too!

tilim's picture
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I agree with Daniel, you dont need the packshot, and you dont even need the line. Only the image and the name of the product.

kleenex's picture
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That may have made it better.

mr.x's picture
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I think you need the copy "Born to ride", because the visual is not that clear so the viewer might not (won't) understand the idea without it. And the client sure as hell (they often do) want the pack shot. BUT it's the placement of the copy and the pack shot that ruins the "aha"-experience. Make the pack shot a bit smaller and place it and the copy below to the right on a white boarder or something.

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