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That one there is entirely cricket speak. If you've watched cricket on TV you'd have come across the stats for batting represented graphically. That there is a graphical representation of the ball being hit for 4's (where it hits the boundary) and 6's (where it's hit way outside the boundry). Great!

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The lines looks like hair, and the product like shampoo.

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No, I dont think so .
I daresay it's a beverage, and these lines maybe that ball flight path, same to the others.

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I personally wouldn't get cricket from this, but then again, I'm from the US. With that said, these are awesome.

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looks like ... a butthole.

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I don't understand

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No entiendo???

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Needs the cricket pitch or oval graphic to make this idea connect.
It IS what Andrew Symonds will do to Sreekanth this summer!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I like the work.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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The cricket batsman is hitting the ball all across the field. He is scoring 6's and 4's which are graphically represented. Most people who watch cricket can identify this immediately. But this is a scam ad. Not one that may be released in India or appreciated.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Just a few moments ago i heard someone talkin crap("WTF...this seems to be some immature nut's work") about this ad...and now the same person,having the up-coming placements in mind, has written a good comment on the same.Well jaggy...all i have to say is ..GOOD LUCK!! ;)

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Who the hell is innovACC??? I don't even know this fucker!!

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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well...this fucker is the person who sit's right behind you freak!

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feels bit incomplete

|dizligzig drunk... the heights|

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sometimes indians come with great n brilliant work.. and sometimes they create this!

| Everartz |

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Oh plz it hs nthng 2 do wid bng Indian, I tell u wt, dis's abt a batsman in Cricket who's continuosly hitting d ball. If u wtch Cricket u'll undrstnd it btr or else c d odr ads of d sm series u mite undrstnd.

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capton john
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idea is nice, but artwork should be more effective.

Think, Act, Invent.

Think, Act, Invent.

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No way these ads's a 'so what' idea with tasteless execution.

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somethimg for the heck of it. I don't think it would've been published. Bcos clients are not morons to buy this.

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I think for anyone who's ever watched cricket on TV the idea is quite clear. Even the art is alright. This may not be metal winning material

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great ad workshop stuff

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Totally lost. Is that cross cultures?

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