Boomerang: Brain

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This campaign promotes the Boomerang website on which you can send your creations. The best illustrations, pictures, designs... are printed in advertising postcards.

Advertising Agency: Disturb, Brussels, Belgium
Art Director: Sébastien Lamy
Copywriter: Julien Fouya
Photographer: Pierre Pironet
Mac Artist: Jean-Michel Goumet
Published: 2008


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That is a real brain are in is pants. nice ad.

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hahaaa nice

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I'm a sucker for hand-drawn type like this.

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Interesting concept.

A man with an open raincoat and pants down to his ankles flashing us on a public street.

A giant oozing brain that has somehow attacked the man and is apparently eating him alive.

I can't decide whether it reminds me more of a David Lynch film, my last trip to the hospital, or certain neighborhoods in Washington, DC.

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A.G. Pennypacker
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What's the point of putting the world "fuck" in this ad? Kinda ruins something that's pretty cool.

"I have a screen name because not having one is for pussies."

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Fun. Show a brain instead of a penis...

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yeah that's very nice..

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i like this. its dirty.

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School work

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