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Not quite up to 'roadside' idea.
This shot/idea is cute, but lacking something...

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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agreed. The idea behind these ads is great (though is has been done before for a number of products, gibson guitars being one of them), and the roadside one is quite nice. But this one drops the ball for sure. There are so many ideas that could come to mind for "tell your story". This is not one of them.

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Its alright.

Bit boring, but ok.

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Its ok.

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oh common! when i found out its a "leave application" it hit home, u know? like this is what we all need in our lives! a good story for a leave :) i enjoyed it a lot

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Just Bitchin

Fabulous piece of work. Nice insight. Very simple.
I remember this picked up something at Lynx as well.

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