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This one is stupid! it is S T U P I D!

it f***s up the other two.

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TOOOOOO forced

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i don't know what is more forced to me:

Shakespeare using post-it


Shakespeare speaking in spanish...

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In spanish.... mmmmmmm
bad idea.
Cornelio, the best.

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hehehehe, my another comment was to do something like that... showing those things really old, but not soooooooo old.
not before post-it exist, please.
post-it is for remember things that people forgot in your lifetime...
those things we put in some drawer and stay there long time, but we can live enough to find it again...hehehehe
too forced here.

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This one is retarded as per stickies were definitely not around back then - they were plausibly around for the others. Dumb & stretching the idea *too* far.

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Personally I would stretch it even further... what about relating to a period before handwriting existed? For example a post-it saying 'Please take these firestones asap to our uncle across the river. He's making mammuth stew.' Mmm... maybe not such a good idea after all... guess the post-it is to small for that...

don't take me serious, not today

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this one is forced, they went too far. How about using a 20th century writer?