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Nice, would prefer a line like "Strong Coffee" but great concept, well done.

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Roger Keynes
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Cliche. Sorry.

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Tommy G.
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3D looks good, except for the spoon, its floating over the cup.

Kinda love this ad.

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Patata Casada
Activity Score 118

That's de point: the spoon gets up.

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Muhammad Imran
Activity Score 616

good one!

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Well done Max & Justin.

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I preferred it in Garfield

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the idea is a bit hidden.. it should be little clearer at least for people to understand it as they wake up.. nice try

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like it!! good work!

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It would have been soo soo much easier to photograph this concept, rather than ruin it with poor 3D modeling. Almost looks good overall, with the spoon ruining it marvelously. And I don't think I need to point the lack of reflections on the cup (no table, no newspaper) and the physically impossible depth of field.

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Good one!, yes i prefer photograph too.

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Good for students

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how about no cup, no spoon.... just the black coffee with a little smoke over it...???

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Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1684

I think this does not work at looks like the coffee is thick, or thst the spoon has melted into a lump and is standing up...and the spoon handle is wierd ....and everyone knows that coffee is a stimulant so what is the point of this..

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Activity Score 328

good concept. poor art. very poor.

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Activity Score 59

comon, spend little more $ on hiring a better 3D artist =="

this look so fake~~

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Did you read the credits at all? Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco, CA, USA. So students nowadays shoul hire 3D-artists? Wake up Angel

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Activity Score 413

Nice, would prefer a line like "Strong Coffee" but great concept, well done.