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these are a disappointment. the pictures jump out at you and you want to read a compelling headline to drive the idea home. unfortunately, these all fall way flat. too bad. nice pics though.

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Looks like somebody lose his train of thougth, hahahaha!!!

Good pictures for me too...

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The pictures of these ads are great and at least this one has copy that follows the line of the train. Best of the lot but still needs refinement.

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I think this is a great attempt, this entire series, to try to add drama great art style to a topic such as that as trains. It is a good effort, considering most people find things such as transportation design boring. I, find it fascinating. However, I like these ads beyond that. I am not saying this is the best effort, I know this can be better but it is a start.

This version, however, is too try hard. You can easily tell the splash is photoshoped and there is no reference as to why it would be there in the first place.

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"Hey, I've got an idea! What about 'Er läuft und läuft und läuft...'? - Done. Hm. 'Seit Millionen von Kilometern lautet die Mission: Weiterfahren.' Good one?"

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I think the second one is the one...

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r u sure bout da translation?

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It's close.
Since millions of kilometers the mission is: Keep driving. TRAXX locomotives from Bombardier.

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And the market for trains would be....? Like 3 people in the whole of Europe? I would have gone for direct mail.

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