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Noor Salah
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pinup for children???

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Great art direction. I like it.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Why play at a motorshow? How can that be your trigger?

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John van de Vor...
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The art exceeds the idea here. Though the concept is clear (except for jackmancer), I think the prints could've been more 'fun', if 'playing' is the message.

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Motorshow is a show held in Bologna born to give people the chance to try cars, is a festivals plenty of new cars, motorsports, live exibitons, etc.
i find it spot on.

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

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beautiful production.

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està molt bé! segur que no té res a veure amb anys anteriors. bon concepte.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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Come and play.- with what, car or .........?


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Misha Rao
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Different visual approach...very nice

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