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Best for outdoor... as well.

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this is awesome

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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apple pie
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simplicity is awesome!

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Let's be clear: the product is crispbread. The packaging says 'I want Bolletje crispbread', and this is an unaltered product package. So the creative in this is to turn the package into a toaster. I find that uninspiring and unimaginative and I would imagine entirely unoriginal.

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The product is toasted bread. That's why the package (which isn't unaltered) says toasted bread.

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I do like a nice pedantry of a Saturday: the packaging is unaltered of itself, it is augmented with 2 pieces of toast sticking out the top; "crispbread" is maybe giving it a little too much leeway. But having lived in the Netherlands for more than a decade, and having tasted this product on many occasions, it's not what you would expect bread to taste like after toasting - i.e. toast. The packaging says roasted bread, in the same way a kettle over here says 'water cooker' or a flint for a lighter says 'fire stone'. Might be a language thing... shall I go on?

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...potatoes are 'earth apples', strawberries 'earth berries', idiots are 'acorns', and no, LeeH, though I do go on I think I'll leave it with my favourites: hippopotamus is 'Nile horse' and rhino is 'nose horn.' Lovely language.

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Some jerk on the radio told me it was 'blue monday'. Well you just turned this day into a sunday afternoon! Much obliged CP.

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Also delighted to dispel that nonsense for you, with some 'referency goodness' from the awesome Ben Goldacre, in which he shows that Blue Monday's a canard of the highest order.


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I like simple.

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mmmm not is new

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ok, i dont love it thou.

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