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horrible copy, bogus execution...Please Ivan don't let the standard of ads of the world fall down!

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Thanks for caring, but I don't know why you say this is low standard. Good idea and decent execution.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Horrible copy? If you are referring to the English translation of the line, then that's very unfair. I'm not sure what language is used in Venezuela. My guess would be Spanish. The whole meaning of the line could be lost in translation. Unless your first language is Venezuelan Spanish or whatever the language is, you should not criticize the copywriting.

And I think the execution is no where near bogus either.

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agreed this is ok, not groundbreaking but still nice

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Luke Creativedir

it's not "that" low but it's definately something wrong about this ad... copy is clishe but art... don't konw what could've been better maybe the whole composition sucks?

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nop, sorry!

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Ivan is right. This decently done. Stop complaining for the sake of coplaining guys.

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This is really fine

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Sorry, but this is fake of Skittles Chewing Gum by TBWA Chiat Day :-) And I have to say
bad fake.

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