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I like these. Clean. Traditional, but fresh.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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I'm not sure I really agree with the structure, but it makes the most sense here. In the other ones, it talks about something for 75% of the ad, and then changes the subject with "well, we don't really care about that." At least here it's used as some sort of proof point, but I'm not entirely convinced.

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Just curious, but wouldn't the "finer point of selling roadside explosives" also be a form of advertising? They say they don't understand it, because they are too busy focusing on "solving marketing and advertising problems for their clients."

Is that a huge disconnect in logic?

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The art direction is nice, although the key selection on the oat version is dodgy. As Gerry mentioned on the last version as well, the lack of a URL is a real ding for any agency purporting to solve marketing problems. I shouldn't have to Google them. And yes, it is a HUGE disconnect in logic that they don't care about the finer points of selling roadside fireworks since they just spend three quarters of the ad dissecting what's wrong with the current crazy positioning of said category. Seems like an account of this type would be a blast. (Sorry, couldn't help it).

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again with the apostrophes

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