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Ron Burgundy
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The Layout is very clean, the butterworth cut out in the middle messed with my reading at first, congrats on getting on AOTW

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If you say "congrats on getting on AOTW" one more time, I will........lol You often say that.

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Ron Burgundy
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lol, gotta end it on a positive

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If you're going to delight your prospects with your textual flair, maybe invest in an apostrophe, or someone who knows where to use one. Apart from that clanger, there's the glaring layout caesura of the middle cut-out. But yes, congratulations on laying yourself bare on AOTW, and best of luck with what follows.

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It should read "...we couldn't care less..." Overall, I like the concept of the ad. The copy just feels like it was sent out early.

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marks to layout


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beautiful execution.

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

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missing apostrophe. next.

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