Boecker Public Health: Electric plug

Don't let them get comfortable.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Creative Director: Peter Moyse
Associate Creative Director: Firas Medrows
Art Directors / Copywriters: Firas Medrows
Photographer: Tejal Patni
Illustrators: Firas Medrows, Nabil Kamara


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I really like this campaign as well. Blimey, is Ads Of The World finally going back to showcasing only decent adverts? Thank Christ for that.'s picture
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this is a very nice one as well..

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cool !


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this is good.

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this is nice.

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very funny. love it!

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Good campaign.

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Aviso normal, producción y diseño sublime

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This is a funny idea, nicely executed, so well done on that score.

But they're not great ads in my opinion. They dramatise the problem rather than the solution and I still don't know who these 'Boecker' people are or what they offer.

Anyone feel the same?

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I'd assume from the ads that Boecker is a pest control company. There is a contact phone number under the logo. So if you're someone having trouble with rodents in your home, call these guys. Dunno who Boecker are either but I'm not up-to-speed with names of pest control companies in the middle east but maybe people in the middle east are. I think they are good ads, firstly, as they are eye-catching. Yes, they are an exaggeration to make a point...but isn't that what a lot of ads do. And the ads avoid the solution because dead rodents aren't pleasant and a rodent-free environment is just boring. So, I think, the ads have found a light-hearted way to deal with an unpleasant subject. Well done guys.

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so dont let them

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Good creative, good art. I like it.. :D im happy

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