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I guess even when they are pretty much alive, they would see the fridge/drapes/basin in the same way. :-\
Hmm...if it was a student work...they could have changed it to a Hot wheel ad :D:P

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When they are alive they don't generally look upwards, aren't they?

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their eye is mostly located on the top of their head, not like us...
but of course, none of us can't tell whether it look like this or not

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If we want to be scientifically correct, insects don't have such focused vision anyway.

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exactly. they should have pushed this further... them overpaid JWT bums.

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looks like the bug cant reach the fridge door to me..

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my first thought.

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Even if this is BUGS VISION where is the idea? Arn't we tired of all these ads? They did one ad where the visual was upside down. The same was done for a Bungee jumping club :) in Amsterdam and for Yoga classes in India :)

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i dunno guys did any of you get the idea behind it????

From my side, i got that one: " when pests die, they lie on their back, so the view becomes reversed, instead of seeing the floor, they are looking upwards since they are lying on their back"

that my interpretation, if that's it, "chapeau bas".

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bugs generally have their eyes on the top/side of their heads tho, rather than having their eyes close together and in the front like humans and other perdators..otherwise they'd be staring at the ground all the time and would never detect any threats. maybe if they had the 'feet' of some little bug legs creeping into the sides of the ad..either way this is a tired idea.

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nice angle to upside down insect. except the point of view is that of a human who is lying on his back. . i don't know if it's a major flaw though...is it?

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Stoopid ad. At the end of the day, pest control means the insect / bug is dead. No seeing anything. And we all know flies see multiple things and so on. Dumb and dumber

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Yah. Dead bugs can't see. Now, I just can't get passed why all the fridge magnets are so high up and so nicely organized.

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it's so strong you will fall down and lie there for a while, wondering if spraying bug spray was worth ruining your own health.

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I think this is the moment before the bug draws his last breath.

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yep i agree sqiurrely with u...

the idea is good, and i know guys that when u die u have eyes closed,
but maybe a line is missing, to explain the last moment

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Hy Rana,nice ad.
Don't worry abouts all this bugs.

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