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supurbly rubbish

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eeeeeeewwwwwwww........... looked lyk an alien out of a hollywood mov-e

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tooo forced!!!

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Charlie Pratt
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Give me a break. This ad is just fine. I knew exactly what they were trying to represent before I clicked on the ad to enlarge it. So, if it's crap, then there are a lot of people on this site that need to go to school and unlearn what they think they know.

Nice ad.


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The idea is obvious, but it also feels very forced. There are a lot of ads doing the "put-things-together-to-look-like-something-else" thing, and they only work if they have a deeper insight. But cars = strong = abs? I don't buy it, so I don't believe it.

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I don't know why I am still viewing this blog.

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Ross Casanovas
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so get out of it..

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Answer as original as the piece above.

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what does "forced" mean here?

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to me abs doesnt mean strong...the orangee car look like clay...hhaha

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Tire used this, the same thing, to represent a hand on the 90's... on that time it was fine now it is too much. Bad ad!!!

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why we have 2 big cars and many smaller cars?
oh right, yeah, because we need to form a chest to say we're strong.

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Jeeeeez, you guys here are such a bunch of whiny, self absorbed, can't-do-better-so-let's-trash-everything bunch of kiddies. Let's discuss the damned ads and ideas we're seeing rather than just screaming 'trash', 'rubbish', 'forced', 'done' &c. &c. ad infinitum. You sound like you don't understand advertising in the least.
(What's the average age of you guys here anyway?)

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Hmm... i kinda agree with Yokel. Just saying 'trash' 'rubbish' 'done' etc... is not very contructive.You're free not to like it, but at least say why, and if you're so smart and experienced, you must surely have thought about a better idea for the concept of "stronger"... so let us hear it.
i actually think it's clever, maybe could use a better artistic work and or a better combination of the cars, but it works for me: Armor = protection = safety

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Ok, Yokel and Adlibe, there you go: for me it doesn't work because easily (very easily) I'm sure anyone here could've thought of that in the first 1-2 hours of brainstorming. Like I said in the lollipop thing (the tank, the samurai etc), why it's a good idea to force your product into something just to show what you want? WHY?? For me it's not clever at all, it's old fashioned, and been done to death in all kinds of categories (turn a product into something), so you have to be VERY clever to come up with something unexpected.
I like when I look at an ad and think "damn, how this guy thought about it??" or when I see an idea well executed in which you see clearly a logical thinking, a reasoning, and a BIG IDEA there. Here I simply don't see that. I see an execution, i don't see a concept; I see a "joke", I don't see a strong idea behind the brand.
See it from a distance. If I say it's an insect's face, it would work anyway, right?..
Sorry. I don't like it at all. For me it's almost student work.

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it woulda been cooler as a hummer ad, or something notoriously strong / powerful.

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