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Beautiful. It will catch the eye of almost every female rider. The poem is clever as well. Good work!

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lovely. absolutely BANG!

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did you write "bang" ?

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Interstin' layout! But I still have my doubts...so waitin for an angel wit a broken wing to shed some light(or is it darkness?)

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about that pope ad. One evil plot of a son of the devil 'Dan Brown' who came up with a lie that made ppl forget Gods word.
beause we never knew Gods word any way. Now the whole world beleives in a darn fictional LIE. well lsten... HEAVEN and earth nd EARTH may pass away but Gods word will never!! A glorious bright light always makes you close your eyes.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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"about that pope ad..."

So, post your religious rant on the pope ad's board or on some other religious board. This is a site about advertising, yes? No offense, but your religious views don't pertain to the subject matter whatsoever.

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The whole world believes in a darn fictional lie? You really think? Which one? Let me question you: What is God for you, anyway? And what if I tell that you and each one of us is God? Make the parallelism, and think about it.

About the ad, it's funny and it might work for the target. Layout is suggestive, but i think the elements bump into each other too much. It's a little bit confusing, overall. Not bad, tough.

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Bravo Romania. So many good works lately.

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