copycomoelcopi's picture
822 pencils

mmm… i'm missing something?

cosybay's picture
45 pencils

They trying to say BMW is faster than the jet?

But I think 100 will not be enough to claim can make the jet looks moving backward...

kre8's picture
989 pencils

one of the ways to answer a brief is to exaggerate the product benefit.
in this case, the benefit is 'it's fast'.
they've exaggerated it.
cosybay, no need to take things so literally.
i like this ad, it made me think. always a good thing.

vwray81's picture
256 pencils

Yes but there is such a thing as going too far. In my sophomore ad class my instructor taught us the concept of "permission to believe". Meaning, some ads may exaggerate their product but in a way that it is not overly BS and you can appreciate what the intended message was. In this case, the BMW being faster than a jet, on a scale of 1-10 on the BS meter it is 11.

This ad was a desperate attempt at illustrating how fast something is.

Klaus's picture
20 pencils

the benefit on bmw isn’t the speed at all. it’s about enjoying driving.

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

for example bmw's flamingo spot has a focus on speed.

Klaus's picture
20 pencils

but it’s the bmw and not a jet. so it's about enjoying speed.

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

it could be used for example for bmw m3- there are similarities to this concept here.

kre8's picture
989 pencils

the overall benefit is driving. this ad though is all about speed.

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

nevermind the exaggerated quality here...i think this spot portrays enjoyment of speed and control well enough...in fact, the driver is so comfortable with the car at 100 that he/she is still able to take in the view.

still nothing spectacular..but good.

Popchevy's picture
29 pencils

agree with you

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
922 pencils

We tried ideas like this for Mercedes, but the client hated them. Too exaggerated.

ingolstadt's picture
56 pencils

it depends where the agency's situated.

enzo.doc's picture
73 pencils

ok, i understand it and i think it's a good idea. but if the plane is photographed in movement, why the clouds aren't? well done, but not too much.

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

i had the same thought about the clouds myself...maybe theres some weird atmospheric something-or-other that explains that...

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

exactly how fast do you think clouds travel? you guys are killing me today! :)

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

your not really making sense guy....explain yourself.

are you saying that the clouds should be blurred or not? cuz i could imagine an argument for both....

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

the_ashlands, are you asking me? i'm saying that the clouds shouldn't be blurred. clouds don't travel as fast as a jet, not even close. why would they be blurry if they are only travelling at say 15km/hr? it's got to do with the theory of relativity.
also, i'm not a "guy".

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

i didnt mean guy in the sense that your a man, its just a boston saying i suppose.

i thought the clouds should have been blurred in the first place anyhow...but, whos to say how far away those clouds are in relation to the car and the jet tho? the clouds should most likely be blurred.

i dont know why im having this conversation...i really dont even care about this crap.

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

me neither.
it's a case of "the Mondays". I wasn't offended by you calling me guy. I just wanted to clear up that I'm not a guy. I found myself going off on big long descriptions today, for no real reason, other than maybe i'm bored.

cheers to you sir boston.

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

'the mondays' it is then!

haha....take care elle

LAZ's picture
288 pencils

im glad you two made up :) this discussion was more fun than the ad. ;)


Joe76's picture
772 pencils

haha me too... I sometimes enjoy more the comments than the ads themselves like in this case

Cheers to all!

nobodyliang's picture
4 pencils

stupid ad.... unless i miss sth

kc_brock's picture
703 pencils

leave the literalness for the client people. we're in ADVERTISING!


fifthbullet's picture
188 pencils

change the client to one of the supercar maker then this will work...

kandi's picture
204 pencils

nice idea.

drunkard's picture
113 pencils

Nice thought! Go ahead.

mj's picture
71 pencils

idea is not clearly

nitigya79's picture
53 pencils

They screwed the idea by having that line. It kills what the visual is so very well conveying in the first place.

Farshidcw's picture
42 pencils

the main line should be something like "fly" i suppose and after that 0-100... as a subline.

Pros are loyal lovers.

greycells1's picture
82 pencils

WOW!!! thats an awesome speed for a car moving backwards or did the visual take me for a ride?

Sick-of-adS's picture
250 pencils

very weak.. primitive

hakule's picture
12 pencils

i understanding the right shape ,but i think speed isn't importance, character first.

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