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June 2010

Print advertisment created by GSD&M, United States for BMW, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: GSD&M Idea City, USA
Group Creative Directors: Jay Russell
Art Director: Robert Lin
Writer: Jeff Maki
Producer: Becky Carrel
Account Services: Tiffany Dixon, Travis Scoggins, Shannon Hearon, Nick Schulte
Marketplace Plannings: David Matathia, Elizabeth Thompson

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pitty, bmw deserves better

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BMW got so boring. Especially in Germany. This "Freude" campaign is absurd.

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Guest is that it? That's the best headline GSDM could come up with?

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All these boring car ads... all the same.(change the logo and this can be for Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Citroen....)

Simple ideas are the best !

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You should add the clients in the credits... sure they would be very proud of signing their wonderful job.

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Here's background on the campaign:

The “Sculpture” campaign was inspired by an actual kinetic sculpture that lives at the BMW Museum in Munich. Each sphere represents one of the more than 700 BMW designers, and the sculpture reflects the BMW design process. Like the designers, the spheres act independently of each other, and then eventually come together to create the finished product: In this case, the all-new BMW 5 Series.

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If you have to explain the campaign it's not working.

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Oh, it reminds me the good ol' times when I wrote my first headlines and bodycopies... they were ultimately ambitiously boring.

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This advert is brilliant for 1982...

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no. tedious. spare us the technical details of how a product works, even if you try to say it with brevity - we're just not as interested in all that unless it's an innovation well worth the front page of a newspaper - companies striving for excellence, et. al. is expected nowadays. also, yes, it's early 1980s style - which defeats the impression you're trying to make of being in step with the times.

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