ultraboon222's picture
220 pencils

If only this was a real promotional piece for new parents/BMW owners!

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

Vernon Jeremy Muller's picture
Vernon Jeremy Muller
18 pencils

i this ad just trying to portray creativeness for the sake of being creative? How many BMWs would this ad sell I wonder?

vurtomatic's picture
364 pencils

Are you commenting for the sake of commenting? Does "A new BMW Motorrad dealer is born" sound like it's trying to sell anything, let alone a Beemer?

Bye's picture
1466 pencils

This has to be a milestone in lateral thinking.

devkarthik's picture
409 pencils

very first thought idea and bad execution not to the brand standard.

- kk

Pouts's picture
691 pencils

It's So fake...
Sheer driving pleasure is not the BMW Motorrad line.
The Ultimate Riding machine is...
Never published and it's also very bad!

Killer Kowalski's picture
Killer Kowalski
394 pencils

I love Italian advertising!

Zeus's picture
912 pencils

this is sweet

hawkline's picture
89 pencils

I like the lateral thinking in this. Good work. I mean it.

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

First degree thinking at its finest. It looks nice, but the idea doesn't live up to it.

Citizen13's picture
478 pencils

I don't care whether it's a first idea or not.
It looks cute.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

darth_darkcape's picture
100 pencils

bizarre... arrive derci

Rekker's picture
123 pencils

girlie stuff for bikers...
doesn't work at all

luigi bindi's picture
luigi bindi
8 pencils

i like this adv...
and it's also italian...

luigi bindi's picture
luigi bindi
8 pencils
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