BMW: Inspiring Designs Don’t Always Start on Paper

Advertising Agency: GSD&M Idea City, USA
Group Creative Directors: Jay Russell
Art Director: Robert Lin
Writer: Jeff Maki
Producer: Becky Carrel
Account Services: Tiffany Dixon, Travis Scoggins, Shannon Hearon, Nick Schulte
Marketplace Plannings: David Matathia, Elizabeth Thompson
Aired: June 2010


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This ad didn't start on paper either. It was banged out in 5 mins by an account guy.

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nope! the statement is true.
watch this


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but the kinetic sculpture started on paper as well...

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LOL! Banged out by the accounts guy... GOLD! -there should be an award on here for the best comments Ivan.

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Why did BMW go for so many bad ads all at once??? Maybe they have ample money to burn OR a bad taste.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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not good


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gsdm had nothing to do with the kinetic sculpture...

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Where is the logo?

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Dig it. Car has nice detail and shape. Is this CGI?

Could really care less about copy here... I want to drive that car! That's the goal right?

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The copy is lame, and the ad is cold and boring. Nothing sexy here. A sculpture doesn't make me want to drive the car. It can't even move. Everything here is stationary. It seems like it might have made more sense to focus on the design of the car and somehow relate it to art. As it is, talking about the driving experience doesn't make sense: There's no driving here. Seems like a disconnect. Was the copy writer in the same room when they hatched this idea? It feels thrown together.

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Ammar Khan
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1st of all whre is the LOGO ?

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