BMW Financial Services: Scent

Joy is an exciting new fragrance from BMW.
Joy is the scent of a new BMW. To make your dream BMW a reality, visit your BMW retailer or and explore all of your leasing and financing options today. BMW Financial Services

Advertising Agency: Cundari, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi
Creative Director: Andy Manson
Head of Art: Andy McKay
Art Director: Andrew Bernardi
ACD/Copywriter: Cory Eisentraut
Retoucher: Warren Hardy
Production: Georgettte Iordanous, Cecily Lo
Account Service: Serene Fattouh, Rex Yulo
Studio: Berry Rao, Tricia Lawson
Published: January 2010


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nice idea.

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This is a good idea. Nice execution.


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Interesting idea, but it applies to ALL cars that have leather, plastic and foam. BMW doesn't hasn't cornered the market on smells ;-)

Sell me on the mechanics, sell me on the handling... but it's hard to justify paying a 20-30% premium for a BMW _just_ to get that "new car smell". Another example of a CD having an idea in his/her head for years, waiting for a client to try it out on.

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I like it. I like the use of fragrance/joy in this context. Good execution and also good photography.

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Sorry to say but done. Some years ago for a mercedes ad. Parfum for "real" drivers, the smell of petrol.
Even better than this.

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i hate all theses testimonials in the new bmw campaign...
i wants to see a car, not these stereotype faces!!!

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i just love it

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cute idea


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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great work

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Andrew Bernardi does it again!

Should have used a hotter babe. This one is only so-so.

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