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yeah, I guess the image makes it very clear: more power, less consumption. But why does this news make me feel sad? Is it, perhaps, the dog's undeniably nostalgic body language?

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The food doesn't seemed changed in anyway, so they're really just showing less consumption. And since the dog is sad, it makes it seem like the food has only recently changed and starvation will soon set in.

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Yeah, the dog is sad.

Maybe if it looked happy about eating less, we'd all feel better about the ad.

Fail Harder.

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I like the picture, but maybe I have to agree about the dog attitude, I think maybe if the dog be looking to the camera the idea of more power could be more clear.
But I like the ad.

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That One Guy
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I like the idea of the dog looking at the camera. Maybe have his head tilted at an angle.

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chintan ruparel
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was it done by Volkswagen a while back? i think so.

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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IT was done by volkswagen. Won bronze in cannes 2006 i think. Large campaign, almost impossible to miss. A wonder that they did this. VW did the excact same idea, though better, with a walrus in front of a small table with little food and so on ...

haha..too bad. Good idea.

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Exactly... same idea (and muuuch better executed).

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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It would have solved the problem if a happier dog was jestering NO to food


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yes, it was done by volkswagen..

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Guest commenter

It was done by DDB for Volkswagen ;)

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Guest commenter

It was done by DDB for Volkswagen ;)

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there is a similar AD FOR VW, but in this case is a big bear handing a little coffe cup

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I think that if a car consumes less, the owner will use his or her car more. And that's why the dog is unhappy, because his is lonely
I think that the food is totally unnecessary and changes completely the message, and also delivers a contradictory feelling

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