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BMW could maybe (just maybe) describe "driving pleasure"? or we have to believe that describe "driving pleasure" is really impossible, even if you have a BMW?
You have words for anything. For driving pleasure, tree letters is enough (BMW logo)

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Nice campaign! Art direction is impecable, the proportions, the shadows, etc
SOld, maybe you're rationalizing too much, i don't know.
when i read "except driving pleasure" and i look at the car, what i got is "hey, you can't describe it, you can only FEEL it. And only in a BMW, of course".
I think the campaign is a very good one.

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maybe you right about describe x feel.
but i can not feel "driving pleasure" just looking at a pic of a BMW in some magazine page if i am sit on a grass park or office, or train...
anyway, i just feel that (possible) noise about the ad...
as i said: maybe you right :-)

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Good design

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