BMW: Boomerang hanger

BMW Rallye 3 Suit.
Adventure Apparel.

Advertising Agency: Bcube, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Bozza
Creative Director: Alessandro Sabini
Art Director: Maria Piccinini
Copywriter: Martino Lapini
Account Supervisor: Anna De Gaetano
Account Executive: Sabrina Montemurro
Photographer: Giacomo Biagi

September 2010


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Wha is the idea ?

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I don't get it either

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The idea is easy to get if you think a little. Clothes hanger (clothes) that's shaped like a boomerang (adventure). Poor ad. I just think that with some product categories we don't need this much "originality". When it comes to clothing, you need to show the actual clothes! This is not going to make me purchase the latest BMW suit.

To see the BMW branded gear, check out this link

Apparently, we even have BMW "functional underwear" (rolls eyes).

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Idea is clear and simple but
when i see a boomerang,
i immediatly think about greenpeace...

the ad which wasn't there

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Oh please come on, not again!!! There's a double spread in my book with 2 exact same ads like this one... :

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Occasione persa. Peccato.

Manola F.

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i dont' understand? sorry...

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Sushi lover
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still don't get it.

Dream needs to be big!

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I don't understand..
pleas explain

Abduljaleel. Anodiyil

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Smells like italian advertising

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I get what you are saying atb2005.

But - how many people here see a boomerang and think 'adventure'? A boomerang has nothing to do with adventure for me - when I see a boomerang I think 'Australia, Outback, Aborigines'. When I think of an adventure I think of a compass, etc.

Furthermore, I wasn't even aware that BMW made clothes?

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For me, a boomerang has nothing to do with adventure.
And if you ask me what carbrand I would associate with boomerangs, it would be Citroën because of the logos.

Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together... (Carl Zwanzig)

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You are right boomerang = Australia. And when you think of Australia, you don't think of adventure?!? I was not defending the campaign. I too think it's poorly conceptualized. But it makes SOME sense.. Finally, I too didn't know that BMW makes gear. LandRover does too!

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It's nothing.

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I've had to make a reserch on internet to understand what BMW Rallye 3 suit it was... no product, no brand, too much far the idea behind...sorry I agree with Manola: a good occasion lost!

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Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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The thing with boomerangs is that they have a unique aerodynamic shape which enables it to fly in a circle when it's thrown.
In other words, it comes back to you when you throw it. This ad misses the point of the boomerang.

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Creative copy

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I belive that the main idea is that, with bmw motorcycles and gear, you are able to reach any part of the world. You can bring suveniers from different places like a boomerang that was offered by a tribe chief, and you, creatively use it to hang your bmw rallye suite...

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this is so strange... I am a BMW rallye 3 user for a long time, the suit offers u so much more. with this visual u just explain how far i can go, but u can go there with all the other suits.
and you even don't touch what this product offers you on ur way.

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