Blush Lingerie: Blow him away

Advertising Agency: glow, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Johannes Krempl
Art Director: Nicole Lanners
Illustrator: Patrick They
Published: February 2008


Olafski001's picture
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apart from the fact i would never have got it without the title, i think its very nice

AANDREA's picture
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i don't get it.

Emanresu's picture
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That is not snake skin covering the pistol. :) Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that they are lace panties.

Buy blush's panties, blow your significant other away when you wear them (figuratively), thus keeping things fresh in the intimacy department.

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Charlie Pratt
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There's not a guy in the world who'll buy from that store now. The last thing you want to see from your girlfriend is the business end of a .45.

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i Think it was a desperate attempt to sell lingerie whitout a model, like everybody does. Ineresting but i dont think it works.

teenie's picture
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Bad pun! Bad pun!

Sue Anna Joe's picture
Sue Anna Joe
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Uh, yeah. Only if your guy is James Bond.

jhonnyvic's picture
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bad photoshop

JLL's picture
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In French, a "Pétard" is the name for a very sexy and hot girl and in the same time the name for a gun...
So it works in french (only?).

Tool's picture
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No, in french (i'm french) Pétard dosn't mean a sexy girl, to talk about sexy girl we can talk about Bomb..not pétard...but pétard is not just the gun, pétard is a laughing cigaret ...

gulo's picture
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with embarrassment.

"Neither Shaken nor Stirred.
Just tepid!"

monicamexico's picture
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I didn't get it at all.

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
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Soooooooooo bad.

Luis Maram's picture
Luis Maram
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Sex is used to sell many things... But the best concept to sell something related to sex, is sex itself. Where are the chicks????

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Margaret Gay
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