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Hehehe.. afros are funny!

no they're not.

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haaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa verry funny, + creative creative creative idea

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the afro idea has been done many times before, e.g. for BMW C1 ('no helmet needed' or something like that) and it was kinda ok back then.
o.j. simpson looked funny with his afro but this is quite boring

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in this application the idea sounds the best for sale and image really.

Pros are loyal lovers.

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theres nothing positive to be said about this.
nothing is working in this ad.

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thank you! I didn't have to be the realist for once.

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disagree with some of the comments. it may not necessarily be breakthrough, but it's a nice, simple execution with a bit of copy to pay it off. wait... there's copy.... must be real compared to the rest of the scammies out there.

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