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When I saw the thumbnail i was excited to open it. So much for that.

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a very sad idea...

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yes,it is.

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Bologna, good tortellini and good ragù. Please go to cook.

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Again the map of a house in a different execution...
How many in the last months...
Is it me? Or is it Friday????

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should I pee on my sleeve?

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Charlie Pratt
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Wow, really? Pee on your sleeve?

What's the matter with you?

It seems that some have lost the ability to find simple delight in a quirky ad idea. I like these. They are of course, preposterous, but I think that's a great quality in an ad. Maybe this agency isn't the first to play with this idea, but who among you is THAT original? For all those who love to crap on ads, please, for the love of God, make a damn suggestion if you're so savvy.

Criticism without construction is malice.

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