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Why so literal?

Indian Ads Update!
Amit Singh

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R. Rinaldi
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Bad, bad, bad.

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looks like mechanic porn

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the idea is so nice and simple, this could have led to such great work. could have.

| think small |

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The Good Msg... Bad Strategy... Belavg. Execution

For such kind of ads... the strategy can be loud... but execution must be subtle... must be very very subtle!

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Neil Levy
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neil levy

just for kicks, i went to the website of the last comment from a2obspl. they wrote "bad strategy, below average execution". i think alpha2omega better take a damn good look at their own work before they start telling other people to be subtle. that website is unbelievably boring. almost comically boring. and yet you are somehow in a position to say this ad which would be a thousand times better than anything on your site is below average? i don't get it. why are people so rude? if you are gonna be rude, you best have the goods to back it up.

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Why the hell is just the same ad with different people? why show that? how lazy!

We're going to need more lube.

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We at atobspl are big fan of DDB... but that doesn't mean we cannot express views!

I still don't understand your approach though... it is funny!
That you want to increase ur line by erasing other lines...

Not fair Neil Levy... but any way even life is not (sometimes!!!)

BTW jst try & read our post & ur reply again and you will realize who is RUDE!

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Neil Levy
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neil levy
when you write mean comments and can't back it up, then you look foolish. i'm not the one who choose to trade in the currency of negativity. you did.
i merely gave you a different viewpoint into the way others interpreted your comment.

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haha, interesting. Good concept.

But this ad is slightly tight on the budget... The t-shirt looks old with all the fibre-ball-grain-things.

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We still stick to our perception reg to that campgn... and frankly our comments were NOT mean or rude in anyway.

What u wrote abt our organization was totally uncalled for... perticularly when u hardly know us! and abt our portfolio!

We all agree that DDB is big or rather huge but that doesn't make us small in any way!

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