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is this the back to the future clock tower? if it is, this isn't executed as closely as the others.

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judging by the ad title, i guess it is. So yeah, my comment still stand.

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Doesn't have that 80's feel to it, right ? ?

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if theyre trying to rent out movies to people who havent seen those movies than how will that person recognise these locations?

think about that while i go make a coffee.

ps they forgot to do Psycho

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good point, but i think they're targeting film nostalgics who have seen these films some time ago.
especially the edward scissorhands one made me want to see this film again.

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Psycho was here yesterday, and now has gone. It was the best one, and - I guess - the first done. Why is no longer here, Ivan?

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It was requested to be taken down as it is not part of the campaign anymore.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Have Heart
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The Psycho one was definitely the clearest. Love the campaign, I just think it could've been executed with even more popular locations.

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