Blitz Firelighters: Naughty boy

When you need fire fast
Blitz Firelighters

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb
Creative Directors: Fiona O'Connor, Laura May Vale
Art Director: Alex Christoudolou
Copywriter: Paul Frade


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Think it works.

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A very, very mild giggle at best, and also why is this kind of art direction so popular in South Africa?

I say this having produced some pieces like that of my own when I worked there.

They all look the same, like they've been shot, reanimated, retouched and overproduced by the same person.

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Enhanced, burned, highlighted, vignetted, saturated...LOL!

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Hey Im just a copywriter, I dont know all the technical terms :)

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Hey, I'm just a Sellsword from Westeros ;)

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Burn the house down?

Mag should say BOOBS.

because therefore it is

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Burning stuff is the solution to all your problems.

Jesus wept.

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