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1368 pencils

i know this won something in Cannes but i never really liked it, not sure why.Also the font of energizer looks too modern,it bothers me, i wish they chose an older western cowboy looking font or a calligraphy

ambidextrous's picture
44 pencils

i dont't know exactly what this ad sayas
but the shape of cut is remembering me the shape of vagina as (energizer)

act's picture
535 pencils

This ad also says that battery is not really that important to that user.

rikitiki's picture
630 pencils

No, it says he didn't need the other two batteries cause the first two are still working.

Mtl Dave's picture
Mtl Dave
274 pencils

That's it and I like it.

ivan's picture

Btw, I know it's been posted earlier, but I lost some of the ads in the server crash and I want to put them back in the archive. Thanks for your understanding.

Bilal's picture
86 pencils

hi ivan,
i have a copy if u want

b i l a l


popdistortion's picture
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Nice but I reckon there are better ways to make this idea happen.

ripster's picture
152 pencils

it seems the consumer was murdered and could not use the last batteries. Or forgot them in the draw, who knows?

Hiob's picture
33 pencils

is this good advertising ?

ming the merciless's picture
ming the merciless
190 pencils

Come on guys - if you can't see that this is good advertising then I see a big problem.

This ad speaks to me about really, really long lasting batteries in a clever way - without showing a bunny.

How would you approach it?

Bilal's picture
86 pencils

nice idea


squirrely's picture
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I think most people will get the point. It's a nice hyperbole.

wgeddes's picture
298 pencils

isn't this directly in the gutter?

kc_brock's picture
703 pencils

is that what the packaging used to look like? that's terrible.


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1052 pencils

I like it, and I am amazed at all these negative comments, and then we have all the kudos for average work. Come one guys, invest in some award books.

ryanfluet's picture
105 pencils

Agreed with Desi... Those of you who don't see the great idea in this ad need to stop watching Laguna Beach and look at an awards annual.

this is some excellent work... better than most I've seen around here recently.

ming the merciless's picture
ming the merciless
190 pencils

Hear, hear.

squirrely's picture
316 pencils

I agree Desi. A good idea is a good idea.

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guiding light
38 pencils

now this is fabulous advertising

PeteHH's picture
202 pencils

Stop throwing with dirt. This ad is top-notch.

ozone's picture
14 pencils

Man I cant believe the comments I see above. This is a great ad, that says the bettery is long lasting "SINGLE MINDED MESSAGE".

seifip's picture
77 pencils

amazing ad... Clever idea & good art direction.

design is like a puzzle... I`m just trying to solve it now

Ranker's picture
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Q: What would happen if I putt 'Duracell instead of Energizer?
Mere 3.

Mayedo's picture
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I get it, but only after it being explained to me. Clever idea yes, but good advertising? Too many advertisers these days are trying to appeal to the intellect of others in their industry, not the average person who buys the product.

S Maye

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