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OK, so I'm being picky, but this strikes me as a bit lazy. Things with holes in, that now don't have holes in. How long did it take you to dredge that one up?

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I think the art direction makes this simple idea work.

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nice art direction for the wrong reason. No cavities is a good thing - all 3 images shown are basically useless without their required and vital cavities. Sorry - needs a rethink.

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Prevents cavities in phones ,sinksand brackets.So why should i buy this toothpaste-to destroy the things from the house?

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This one is a good image to be a symbol for deafs mutes!!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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It could also be ah, ummmm, a meat tenderizer. Yeah, that's it! A MEAT TENDERIZER!!

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can anyone tell me the actual meaning of the ad

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