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Um... so what hand is holding the coffee cup??

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It's not a coffee cup, it's his tired eyes closing. And yep, done before but I prefer this execution.

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The concept is flawed.

ANY coffee will perk you up. They are selling the idea of drinking coffee, not McDonalds coffee in this execution.

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Now there's a telling comment. The concept is for Burger King, but it's so generic even someone who's looked at it can't remember the brand.

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ming the merciless
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Your comment is flawed.

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I honestly didn't get this campaign until I saw this one...

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The concept isn't flawed. Name me the difference between one coffee and the next? Or one car and the next? Or one beer and the next? It's a parity product. And with parity products the only difference you have is the one you create. These are creating one quite nicely with their tone. They're funny as hell. Nice work. Can someone at BBR give me a job? You guys have come outta nowhere. Rethink Montreal.

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