BlackBerry: Remake, 3

Remake a classic scene your way.

Photographer: Alan Powdrill -

Advertising Agency: Next Door, London, UK
Art Director: Paul Nowikowski
Copywriter: Craig Kind
Art Buyer: Cathy Mason

July 2009


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Grace Bastien

I like this one. The other two a little dubious about....
I would have to do more research but the target market for Blackberry who will be going to film festivals would probably be in my age range (don't mind saying... mid twenties). Are they going to connect with these older stories such as One flew over the Cuckoo's nest?

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Good insight. :)

The campaign however, seems like too much work and might alienate many would-be contestants. Leading to lower participation numbers.

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I think it's not about going to film festivals, but about making your very own version of movies using Blacberry, so the concept isn't so "tight".

I like the art direction.

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Naive idea. Nice!

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Grace Bastien

I like the art direction also.

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yeah, it's a really nice art, and the idea it's good too


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Lovely art

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