BlackBerry: Priceless

The Blackberry Curve 8520 A priceless business tool at an affordable price. Small business forgo thousands of pounds every year through missed opportunities. Not only is the Blackberry Curve 8520 affordable, it helps you capitalise on business potential by making sure you're never out of reach. By integrating your emails, browser, calendar and contacts Blackberry offers unparalleled access to your customers exactly when you need it. Marrying our legendary push technology with a full QWERTY keyboard means that you can respond to emails on the go with a sleek, sturdy design you can take anywhere. Act on anything the moment it happens with Blackberry.

Photographer: Jonathan Minster

Advertising Agency: Next Door, London, UK
Art Director: Paul Nowikowski
Copywriter: Craig Kind
Photographers Agents: Vue (

July 2009


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Functional idea

soulsentwine's picture
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smells so early 90s.

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i second that...

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Old school.

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Why is this ad in a gallery of supposed good work?

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I see you one crappy retail ad and I raise you!

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Oh crap. Should I put my works done for Vodafone too?

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according to the brief i see below, the creative is OK. But aspirational factor is possibly missing.

However, what's the TG for black berry? a plumber, a carpenter or an architect/small business? I thought functionally it served the globe trekkers!!!! For local networks, the services provided by a premium set with network is good enough! why targeting the small businesses without a value proposition?


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mmm... uk creativity... ever so astonishing...

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Ha ha ha ha, someone's playing a prank or the interns are on the account.

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