BlackBerry: Fast

Act on anything the moment it happens. You need to act fast, so we'll keep this brief. No matter how big or small your business, the ability to act quickly has never been more crucial. With our legendary push technology you're alerted the instant something happens. Sending things is just as easy as receiving them and our phone functions and applications are all designed to work together; you can switch between them seamlessly and use them simultaneously. Our innovative touch screens and SureType keyboards enable you to respond to things as and when you need to. Act on anything the moment it happens with Blackberry.

Advertising Agency: Next Door, London, UK
Art Director: Paul Nowikowski
Copywriter: Craig Kind
Photographer: Jonathan Minster
Photographers Agents: Vue (
Released: July 2009


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like the art direction


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Kinda hard to get.

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Water. It's wet for when your mouth is feeling dry.

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Hasn't this kind of visual been done a million times before? It seems like I see ads featuring some clever note written on a notepad, post-it or calendar everywhere I turn. It's a bit unoriginal in terms of art direction, but I get the idea (which isn't too strong either).

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'Act on anything the moment it happens.' Unless it's a really, really bad idea for an ad like this.

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act on a missed opportunity

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best concept to act fast...

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just bitching
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'You need to act fast, so we'll keep this brief yada yada'. Not really a brief copy isn't it.

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