Black & Decker drill: Stone

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke
Associate Creative Directors: Wichian Thongsuksiri
Copywriters: Wichian Thongsuksiri, Kris Garford Spindler
Art Directors: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke
Photographer: Srimongkol Phachonkaew
Illustrator: Surachai Puthikulangkura
Agency Producer: Paiboon Suwansangroj


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It took five art directors to composite two images?

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No. It took five guys talking of the subject at the restaurant. They found the idea and they nicely decide to say the world that they were 5 to find it.

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hahaha... i bet one of them did the coffee, the other one did some coockies, and the other 2 guys did anything else, but art...


Hell yeah!!

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Crisp One
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I think you should have something little to let the target know your looking at a scaled down image, like the power cord, or drill bit... I dont know....but something. to let them know its not just a tornado visual pun.

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agreed, needs something else or its just an analogy.
even with that it's not great

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Está power

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no, no esta bueno.
eso lo hacen todos los taladros..

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London Festival

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like this.....

infected by a virus called creative

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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I don’t like it. This has not been really done before so this is bad advertising. There is nothing creative in adverting you know. If it’s not in some archive “don’t go there”.


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This tool is so powerful it will make a complete mess of anything you use it on

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Yea, its like "our stuff is justa a disaster” :)

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Think of the target audience, they don't give a crap about messes, they want power.

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Great !!!

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confusing. not too sure of the message. Perhaps we should ask the two copywriters of an ad with no copy?

the art is beautiful.

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